Why You Should Think Twice About Fasting For Lent

About a month into lent I had become completely obsessed with eating only “healthy” foods and seeing the number on the scale drop every day. I was no longer avoiding only chips and desserts, but also hundreds of other foods that I had deemed “unhealthy.” I felt powerful and disciplined—this was all done in the sake of “holy remembrance” after all.

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Promises Fulfilled.

Here are excerpts of journal entries* from the day I tore my Achilles’ Tendon to the day in the Philippines last week when the Lord returned ballet to me in a more beautiful form than I ever could have asked or imagined.  It’s taken years to see these promises fulfilled, but let my testimony strengthen […]

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I will no longer be fooled into believing that a wall signifies the end of the road. Rather, I will now recognize a wall as an answer to my fervent prayers for breakthrough.  After all, you can’t experience breakthrough if there’s nothing in front of you to break through.

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I reluctantly pull my mind away from the past- from what was- and I settle into the stillness of this present moment. What does beauty mean to me now? 

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The Philippines.

If I’m not intentional about planning trips and getting excited about my passions it’s so easy for me to get caught up in my daily routine and to lose sight of the bigger picture of life and eternity.

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…I hadn’t even realized it until then, but the number on the scale had been the sole determining factor of my perceived worth for as long as I could remember. It had dictated my happiness, my self-confidence, and the way I treated myself for years. But when I wrote those words something broke…

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